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Arizona Car Insurance

"Who has the cheapest auto insurance in Arizona?" Well, the price of a policy depends on a number of factors in the Grand Canyon State, including age, sex, location, vehicle type, driving record, credit score and others.

Your personal risk factor is a number that insurance companies calculate based on your inherent risk and it's not as simple as X or Y, as it has many different factors. Even worse? Every insurance company computes this number differently! That's why you'll see varying rates from company-to-company.

There is no definitive answer for this, and the absolute best way to find the cheapest car insurance in Arizona is by getting as many free quotes as possible! The good news is there are 1,832 companies doing business in Arizona.

Arizona Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Bodily Injury + Liability (Per Person) $15,000
Bodily Injury + Liability (Per Accident) $30,000
Property Damage Liability (Per Accident) $10,000
Uninsured Motorist NOT REQUIRED
Underinsured Motorist NOT REQUIRED
Medical Payments NOT REQUIRED
Comprehensive NOT REQUIRED

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies In Arizona

State Farm $697,409,000 Direct Premiums
GEICO (Berkshire Hathaway) $538,346,000 Direct Premiums
Progressive Insurance $387,400,000 Direct Premiums
Allstate Insurance $347,410,000 Direct Premiums
USAA Insurance $288,486,000 Direct Premiums
American Family Insurance $231,625,000 Direct Premiums
Liberty Mutual$214,790,000 Direct Premiums
Farmers Insurance Group $73,514,000 Direct Premiums
Hartford Insurance $114,120,000 Direct Premiums
CSAA Insurance Exchange $85,104,000 Direct Premiums

Top 10 Largest Cities In Arizona

Phoenix 1,445,652 people
Tucson 522,293 people
Mesa 439,102 people
Chandler 236,839 people
Glendale 227,104 people
Scottsdale 217,425 people
Gilbert 209,022 people
Tempe 161,912 people
Tempe Junction 160,403 people
Peoria 154,089 people
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